Two Hong Kong Players Banned by ICC for Life including one who served 30 months ban. Monday 27 August in Dubai International Cricket Council announces their ban for Breaching ICC Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct during matches between 2014 to 2016.

Irfan Ahmed who was banned from all cricket for two-and-a-half years in April 2016 after admitting breaches of the code, was found guilty on nine charges, Irfan’s older brother Nadeem Ahmed on three.

The pair were banned for life, Team mate Haseeb Amjad got five years ban.

Hong Kong is among 92 ICC Associate team not test, Playing second tier team playing at Minnow on the international stage.

ICC Anti-Corruption tribunal panel heard evidence of all three players fixed or contrived for fixing matches, failed for reward, to perform and failed to disclose approaches to fix during number of international games in these two years.

Alex ICC General Manager of Anti-Corruption Unit stated that it has been a long and complex investigation which has uncovered systematic attempts to overcome moments in matches experienced by international cricketers over period of time their conduct was premeditated of both of Ahmed brothers sought to corrupt others.

The main offenses regarding Hong Kong matches against Canada and Scotland where players fixed specific overs even these matches were won by Hong Kong so it doesn’t affect the results of tournament, but we can’t reiterate strongly enough to any player, considering it that we treat any form of spot-fixing with the most seriousness.

He further explained that ” with the fixers finding it harder than ever before to penetrate the highest level of the game, we are increasingly seeing them turn their attention to other avenues in the sport and we will continue to work with our members to ensure players at all levels and educate about dangers of corruption.

“The severity of the offences is reflected in the sanctions and we hope will deter other players from this path and demonstrate to cricket fans around the world our commitment to a corruption free cricket. “