all time greatest sledges in cricket
Sledging is usually not popular in cricket as cricket is known as a Gentleman game, regarding this concerns ICC has adopt strict rules to avoid huge incidents like other sports where sledging is a common thing, ICE HOCKEY, FOOTBALL and RUGBY are some of famous games where sledges turns into BLOODY FIGHTS for many times.

But still cricket also have wide history of sledging where players were involved. in cricket sledging mostly bowlers are taking initiatives the reason is bowlers is trying to force batsmen if they play a risky shot after confrontation. then it is up to batsman, who hold his nerve or loose it.

Here we created list of 25 greatest sledges in cricket all time.

25. James Anderson Vs Micheal Clark

Ashes Series 2013-14 in Ist Test Australia were just a single wicket away from victory. when James Anderson comes to bat he threaten George Bailey.
In a response when Mitchell Johnson was making to his marking for bowl, Micheal Clark literally move towards James Anderson and Advised him ” First Face Him Then Get Ready For Broken F***in Arm” was considering one of greatest Sledges.

24. Viv Richards Vs Sunil Gavaskar

During Test match between India and West Indies Sunil Gavaskar didn’t comes for opening as his usual, he draft himself to No.4.
But both of openers dismissed by Malcom Marshall for Duck. When Sunil Gavaskar arrives at crease Viv Richards Greeted him with “Man its Don’t Matter Where You Come in Score is Still Zero”

23. Fred Trueman Vs Raman Subba Row

This Sledge happens between Teammates, where Fred’s delivery edges to slip from opponent batsman but ball went through Raman Subba Row’s  legs, Row suddenly Apologised to his teammate but Fred Trueman Responded “So Should Your Mother”

22.  Shaun Pollock Vs Ricky Ponting

Shaun Pollock after bowling a series of dots against Ponting, Proteas All-Rounder confront Ponting and reminded him as “Its Red, Round and Weighs about Five Ounces”. Soon on Next Delivery Ponting hit ball for a Boundary and tells Pollock “You Know How its look like Go and Find it”.
Thats how Ponting Respond.

 21. Eddo Brandes Vs Glenn McGrath

After misses a delivery from McGrath, The Aussie Quick run towards Brandes and told him “Hey Brandes Why You are So Fat ?”
Zimbabwean Batsman then immediately Reply that “Whenever i Sleeps With You Wife She Give me a Biscuit”

20. Denis Lillee Vs Javed Miandad

In 1981 at Perth Two high profile players Javed Miandad and Denis Lillee were involved in a huge incident which eventually affects their Reputation.
The incident was took place, when Javed Miandad while taking a single collided with Lillee, That was Lillee who deliberately moved into batsman’s way. Then Miandad  lift his bat towards Lillee’s head. Umpire Tony Crafter  comes in and hold Lillee from back and Miandad makes his bat down. Later both in their Biography both blames each other for initiatives.

19. Virat, Paine Sledge

Tension raises between two captains when Paine tells Murali Vijay “You Seriously cannot like Virat Kholi as a Bloke”.
This Cheeky confrontation was picked by stumps mic. Heat between two captain runs for two days of Perth test.
After Paine’s comment Indian captain strike back on Paine. “On day four Kholi and Paine squared up chest to chest while Aussies completing a single.” Chris Gaffaney play role of Middle Man to bring things under control.
In other confrontation Kholi mocks Paine. ” I am a World Class Player and You are nothing just Captain.”

18. Ian Healy Vs Arjuna Ranatunga

Arjuna Ranatunga former Sri Lankan Captain was batting against Australia and was completely settled. it was not going to ease for Kangaroos to make him out. Aussies did every thing which they can do to got his wicket but useless. Ranatunga was have more weight than average man have.
Australian wicket keeper Ian Healy then said.
 ” Put a Mars Bar on Good Length may That Should do it.”

17. Daryll Cullinan Vs Shane Warne

For over the years batsman to bowler and bowler to batsman Dominant rivalries Developed, Shane Warne Vs Daryll Cullinan was one of them where Warne was Dominant he got him four time in test Cricket.
The rivals did not many times each other but when they meet warne got him out. One time when Cullinan comes out to bat Warne said to him, ” I Waited for You Two Years, Cullinan Reply was its look like You spent it Eating.”

16. Mark Waugh Vs James Ormond

In a match against Australia when James Ormond comes into crease for batting, Mark Waugh who was holding the position of slip behind the wicket suddenly told James Ormond,
” Hey Ormond what are You doing Here You are Not Good Enough to play for England”
James Ormond replied ” Maybe but at least i am best Player in my Family”.

15. James Anderson Vs Mitchell Johnson

Mitchell Johnson was batting and Anderson was the man the ball in his hand, England were really struggling in that match and were getting wickets as well Anderson, Then word of began between Johnson and Anderson, Johnson told him ” Hey Man Why are Chirping, Not Getting Any Wicket”
Soon after a few seconds Anderson bowled Johnson Batting partner Ryan Harris.

14. Robin Smith Vs Merv Hughes

The Sledge took place in 1989 ashes test where Robin Smith was struggling to overcome over Merv Hughes, Merv makes fun of Robin Smith and said “You Can’t even f****in Bat” smith sends next delivery to the boundary for a four and Responds “Hey dude we are f***in pair you can’t bowl and i can’t bat.”

13. Sachin Tendulkar Vs Abdul Qadir

A 16 years old young Sachin Tendulkar just made his debut in Pakistan in year 1989. When he hits two sixes in a single over of leg spinner Mushtaq Ahmed, Abdul Qadir starts sledging young Sachin “You Just Beating a Kid, Come On face me.” Abdul Qadir was best in Business at that time.
Sachin Remains silent he left his bat for respond, little master hit four sixes and a four in a single over of Abdul Qadir. Thats how little master the future’s legend reply to Abdul Qadir.

12. Glenn McGrath Vs Sarwan

This was one of ugliest Sledge in Cricket history. The 21 year old West Indian batsman Ram Naresh Sarwan was in a campaign to steering his side for 417 target.
McGrath come closer to Sarwan ask him “Hey Sarwan what Does Brian Lara D***k taste like.”
Sarwan reply was extremely personal ” I don’t Know ask Your Wife.” at those days McGrath wife Jane was ill.
That was too personal and is one of abusive sledges in Cricket History.

11. Ravi Shastri Vs Mike Whitney

Ravi Shastri (Current Indian Head Coach and former Cricketer) was not among those who deliberately goes for sledges, but was a king of man with absolute present of mind.
Shastri was batting when Mike Whitney of Australia comes into the field as 12th man immediate he starts sledging with Shastri, when Shastri completed a single towards mid-off Whiteny hold the ball and told him “Stay at your Crease or in will Break your F***in Head.” Shastri’s Reply was perfect “If You Could ball or Bat like You Talk, You Wouldn’t Be F***in 12th man.”

10. Javed Miandad Vs Merv Hughes

This one was funny, in 1991 at Adelaide test Javed Miandad called Merv Hughes a fat Bus Conductor.
Few Deliveries later Merv takes Miandad’s wicket and called him “Ticket Please, Ticket Please”

9. Chris Gayle Vs Micheal Clarke

The duo was involved  in a long heated discussion in Champions Trophy 2006 at Bombay in a group match. Chris Gayle was fined 30% of his after Shouldering Micheal Clarke.

8. Andrew Flintoff Vs Tino Best

Standing in the slips Flintoff did some words with Tino Best as he was preparing to face the bowler, Flintoff wars Tino “Mind The Windows” Batsman charge down the track and misses Geraint Jones English wicket did the rest of work. Flintoff was the man who done the trick.

7. Darren Gough Vs Shane Watson

Before Chester-le-Street clash between England and Australia at Durham, There was Rumours of a ghost in the hotel and Waston was aware of that he sleeps on the floor of Brett Lee’s room at that night. when England players realises Watson’s incident they starts fun with Watson, Especially Darren Gough  he trolls Watson “Hey Mate Don’t Worry You Can Sleep in My Room Tonight.

6. David Boon Vs Malcom Marshall

David was batting against Malcom Marshall and was troubling against the fast bowler he misses many deliveries from Marshall, then  Marshall Aggressively told to David “Hey David are going to get out or i will comes from round the wicket and will kill you.

5. Adam Gilchrist Vs Mohammad Kaif

After ball hitting Kaif’s Glove Gilchrist caught it behind the wicket, Gilchrist went for Appeal but was not given by umpire Aussies were surely confident but Umpire was not agree, Gilchrist was clearly heard on stumps mic as he trolls Kaif “That’s from Your Glove Man” then he slightly move towards Kaif and tell him “The Whole World is Watching.” the series was already named by Australia despite India were winning this one.

4. Jacques Kallis Vs Kemar Roach

This one was one of unnicessarily from Kemar roach , world witnessed how cricket fans criticize him for his actions. Jacques Kallis a legend with no doubt was involved zero percent in this sledge. Kemar roach was fine 50%  match fees for hitting Kallis a bouncer deliberately. That series was full of tensions between both teams on the other side Dale Steyn was also fined for his complete match fee after spiting towards the opposition fielder suleman benn after being dismissed.

3. Venketesh Parsad Vs Amir Sohail

An epic Sledge and one of most famous Sledges in history of Cricket as Arch-Rivals India-Pakistan meet each other, Amir Sohail who was responsible for taking initiatives when he boundary on Parsad at cover region he yelled at him “Go Fetch That B***D.” on the next delivery Parsad clean him up and yelled him “Go Home F****in, B***D.”

2. Shahid Afridi Vs Gautham Gambhir

Again this one is belong to All Time Arch-Rivals in an odi match of Asia cup at Kanpur in 2007, Gambhir was facing Afridi and hit him for a boundary at long-off after hitting the boundary he had few words with Afridi, On the next delivery while completing a single Afridi came on his way and shouldered Gambhir, This time Afridi did confrontation. umpire Ian Gould comes in middle, Afridi and Gambhir both were fined for their actions where Afridi 95% of his match fees while Gambhir 65% of his match fees.
war between these two is still exist. After called Gambhir a Negative person in his Autobiography Game Changer which is recently release.
In a respond Gambhir said “Maybe Afidi is 39 Years Old but he has 16 Years Old mentality”

1. Kevin Pietersen Vs Mitchell Johnson

Ashes series always boost heat in summer and there is many memorable moments and incidents which keep alive Ashes, But this one is my favorite that why i bring it number one in my list.
In first Test of Ashes series 2009, Aussie former speed star Mitchell Johnson and England tall Kevin Pieterson involved in a heated words Exchange, Later on his Biography Mitchell Johnson reveals the he nearly hit punch Kevin Pieterson after he “Crossed The Line” Aussie pacer credits to Clark who helps him to avoid what he planned.  Johnson expressed that Kevin Pieterson went Extremely personal which i can’t repeat again. Johnson was facing personal issue at that time out the field.
Situation goes warm between both team at Cardiff where Pieterson intentionally hits the ball toward Aussies many times.